Lake Shore Homes is an exclusive community of land owners on the southwest shore of pristine Loon lake in Washington state.

The Lake Shore Home Association has been in existence for 80 years and was developed for the express purpose of protecting the membership, the lake and the land that we love for generations to come.

The Assocation property boasts a protected 68 acre forest, a community beach and park, boat launch and various regional wildlife such as deer, moose, squirrels and numerous species of birds.

"The Mighty Loon" has always been known as one of the finest fishing lakes in the state for Kokanee, Rainbow, Perch and Bass.

The goals of the association:

1. Protection of our Forest Lands and of the ecology of the lake

2. Preservation of the natural beauty of the area. Promotion of safety by encouraging proper boating, swimming and hiking habits

3. Development and preservation of recreational opportunities for all residents.

REMINDERS for Association Members

  • A by-law amendment was approved by the membership that makes annual dues mandatory for all property owners.  If you have not paid your annual dues, please do so now.  Dues are currently $175 per year.
  • Encroachment of any kind on any properties owned by LSHPOA are by 'Permissive Use Only'. The LSHPOA retains all ownership rights granted by Stevens County and the State of Washington.
  • Wood cutting permits are required by any LSH member in good standing who wants to cut wood on association property. According to our by-laws the wood must be used at Lake Shore Homes and not taken out of the association.
  • Only dues paid members are eligible to make motions or vote at meetings. Voting is by voice vote or raised hand. Only one vote per membership is allowed. A majority (50% plus 1 constitutes a quorum) of dues paid members is required to conduct business at the annual meeting.
  • All boaters need to be good neighbors when creating large wakes that lead to damage to other property owners docks and boats. Boating too close to shore is a danger to anyone who is in the water when these large waves hit shore.
  • We are approaching another dry summer with high fire danger. Please, please use extreme caution with any fireworks that you or your guests plan to use. Also understand personal liability if damage is done by the fireworks.
  • All property owners and guests are responsible for leashing their dogs on association property.
  • The speed limit on all association roads is 15 mph.
  • No dumping on association property.
  • The Loon Lake Property Owners Association is putting forth great effort to get rid of milfoil in our lake, and they need everyone's help. Please inspect your beach area and boat props for this noxious weed and remove it if found.